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Cedric Rokkgod The Ballad of Alex Trebek


Multi-instrumentalist and apparent game-show fanatic Cedric Rokkgod celebrates all things Alex Trebek and punk-rock combined on this latest single.

Emerging, or rather, exploding onto the scene with a nostalgic pace and distorted prowess reminiscent of the sounds of the nineties, The Ballad Of Alex Trebek is a quickly likable and immensely energizing new single that leans in its own entirely unique and memorable direction.

Featuring a full-band sound, the single introduces Cedric Rokkgod by means of a one-man-band extravaganza. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, lyrics – everything you find here was crafted and incorporated by Rokkgod. The illusion is that it feels like a united, team effort, the reality is that the track hits as hard as any other, and brings in a comedic overtone to keep that laid-back, punk-rock attitude alive and well in every respect.

Formerly a part of the band The Piss Shivers, Cedric is far from a stranger to high energy, care-free punk rock, and this single speaks volumes on behalf of his journey so far. Despite its brief, one minute twenty-six lifespan, this track summons the power to hit with impact, and it’s one that’s likely to linger with you for quite some time after listening.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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