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Cayjee Retrophonic EP


Cayjee’s four track EP Retrophonic is an interesting one. The artist and producer has created an atmospheric ambiance that calms and even lightly uplifts, yet the soundscapes within are far from the usual set-up. The instrumentation featured, particularly on First Foot On Mars, has a notably retro feel, taking classic or even vintage synths and early electronic-style riffs to craft what is a surprisingly beautiful and captivating arena of audio.

The great thing about this music is that it moves along in a naturally smooth and easy to follow manner. From a production perspective, the development is on point, the evolution throughout makes sense and satisfies, and the finish showcases equal parts heaviness and lightness, so you find yourself appropriately caught up in this dreamlike world of suggestion. From a creative perspective, nothing is as you’d expect, nothing is predictable or overly familiar. There’s a freedom to it all that makes the whole thing distinctly fresh and, as stated earlier, particularly interesting. There’s even a cinematic feel to the sound at times, bringing about an element of nostalgia, drawing comparisons to films such as the original Blade Runner or other, Depeche Mode-style soundtracks that veer off in their own dramatic deep tones and hypnotic rhythms.

First Foot On Mars alone is a seven minute-plus experience that perfectly encapsulates some of the core creative principles that make up the Cayjee sound. The rest of the EP though offers even more entirely unique audio journeys – to listen to just one is to deprive yourself of the full encounter. Analog Computer is, in many ways, the very opposite of what its title implies. The soundscape in this case has a worldly, nature-driven aura that brings a sense of peace with it. The Retrophonic EP is well worth listening to from start to finish.

Download the EP via Bandcamp. Find & follow Cayjee on Twitter. Visit the label Modulator Records for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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