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Casual Water Trying


Newly released from the 2023 album Shiloh, Casual Water connects with a raw acoustic recording and quickly likable flow, for Trying.

Presenting equal parts familiarity and original character, Trying features a rap-melody fusion throughout long-form verses of scenery and personal reflection. The vocal and guitar sound are captured within a live setting, unedited and honest – in keeping with the freestyle poetic outpouring of the lyrics.

Within moments Casual Water captivates a thoughtful audience, promising an uplifting groove and tune akin to the likes of Jason Mraz or John Butler; though with a distinctly profound lyrical backbone that’s quick to redirect things.

As we move into the chorus, this melodic and passionate hook resolves with a perfectly-placed change of tone – an instance of calm and longing to break up the confidently chaotic stream of consciousness surrounding it.

The second verse slides back into view with catchy appeal afterwards, and the whole thing effectively introduces the new album on a fearlessly authentic note. A refreshingly pure, genuine take on contemporary life and artistry.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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