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Carolee Rainey You Matter


Carolee’s beautifully unusual voice joins forces with some fascinating, poetic and reflective lyrics among a subtle Americana backdrop for this single You Matter. The song has so much value in itself but this becomes increasingly apparent as you progress further through it. Rainey’s use of melody is superb, these long-form lines meander and pave the way brilliantly towards that key idea and the simple, single repetition of it – you matter. 

Often it’s the musical elements alone or a certain lyric that makes a song stand out, rarely is it a combination of both and a whole host of other strengths in between. Rainey’s voice is perfect for the creative structure and performance style required for this song. The lower and rhythmic moments are as captivating as the higher resolves, and meanwhile this gorgeously organic soundscape supports and enhances every step of the journey. The piano, the drum, all with a lightness but all colourful and entrancing in the perfect manner for a song that holds such a treasured perspective. The idea is very simple but it pays to hear it presented in such a way that it really connects, that it feels true; as well as fresh and relevant in today’s world.

The second time you hear that acoustic guitar start up, followed soon after by this extensive verse melody and observational lyricism – you recognise it. This is fantastic songwriting, impossible to predict and clearly made of its own building blocks and ideas – a desire to express and paint something brand new in the mind of the listener; as opposed to merely ‘borrowing’ fragments of melody from other songs. You Matter is a total joy to listen to, inspiring without being preachy or intrusive.

A live performance would likely be all the more effective – whether solo acoustic or with a full band, there’s a certain power about the song, which, combined with Rainey’s presence as a leading voice within, makes it likely to call you over in just about any setting.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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