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Carol LaDuke Dragonfly


Fresh from her recent EP Dragonfly, Carol LaDuke’s single of the same name is set to hit the airwaves globally on June 24th. The song is an easy stand-out from the project, a heartfelt and conceptually genuine piece of writing and music – one that introduces Carol’s style and sound in a memorable way.

Dragonfly is a fairly traditional yet gentle song, one that allows Carol’s voice and poetic expressions to shine with natural brightness. Her voice in this setting actually pours through with far more individuality than anywhere else, making this the perfect outline of her style and the way she performs. There’s a clear connection between the performance and the underlying sentiments of the song, and this is what gives it a level of realness. Meanwhile, the somewhat traditional yet alternative musicality lays out an unusual style and approach to composition – one that undoubtedly stands out amidst the majority of contemporary releases of late. These are just a few of the building blocks that allow Carol LaDuke’s music to emerge as unique and true to her own sense of artistry. Look out for the single in just a week’s time.

Take home the album via CDBaby. Find & follow Carol LaDuke on Reverbnation. Visit her Website for more information. Check out our in-depth interview with Carol here.

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