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Carnival Mind Shots


Oftentimes something, however small, happens between pen and paper (fingers and keys) during a first listen of any new song. Not always though, not every time.

In the case of Shots, the third single to cross my path from Carnival Mind’s corner, I found myself simply listening – lost within the gentle ambiance and scenery of the story.

It’s a massive pleasure to take a breath and appreciate real music in that way.

So, second time around – why does the song work so well?

Initially it’s the purity and calm of the harmonica and acoustic guitar pairing. Then it’s the raw recording, that live and intimate set-up – an open-mic moment that silences the room and warms the soul.

Then it’s the story, and the relatable, accessible, now-familiar voice. And in the end, it’s the stunning delivery of the hook – perhaps the band’s most memorable yet, and gorgeously captured within the walls of the recording.

You’re on a journey, listening, but also weaving in your own memories and sense of nostalgia, of longing for the carefree days and considering the painful ache of regret all at once.

Somehow both melancholic and uplifting, in true Carnival Mind spirit, Shots is another timeless single that needs only its sentiments, poetry, personality and acoustic presence to gift listeners a vast sense of escapism and passionate embrace.

One of the year’s most worthy acts. Give them a listen.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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