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Carlo Frigeri Diamond Eyes


Balancing a smooth beat with an unusual leading riff and a melody that manages to appear genuinely fresh, Carlo Frigeri showcases an equally unique vocal style and melodic progression on his latest single.

Offering a near-whispered presentation, softly raspy, tired yet expressive – Diamond Eyes feels a little like an Empire Of The Sun track stripped down to the bare essentials. There’s a quickly likable groove to the song, partly melancholic, partly optimistic. The verses build up subtly, beautifully, towards the uplifting drop to the hook. And it’s a strong hook, softly memorable, non-intrusive but satisfying.

What helps give the track its own unique voice are the details. Certain audio snippets, vocal cracks, the personality, and the lyrics. The lyrics in particular prove far more intriguing than first assumptions may imply. Carlo leans towards authenticity more and more so as the song progresses. The result is a release that’s all at once radio ready, familiar yet fresh enough to stand out, yet is also unexpectedly thoughtful, revealing, poetic, and increasingly interesting.

There’s undoubtedly room for remix here – a few different dance mixes, an even more raw, acoustic version. A great song, and an artist I look forward to hearing more from.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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