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Capital 4 Red Cars


Introducing the leading single from their upcoming project Waiting Room Music, Capital 4 drive with organic dance-pop layers and intimate vocals, for a long-form melodic journey that ultimately resolves with a simple, catchy and celebratory hook.

Red Cars is the release, an indie-pop hit with a fast pace yet a contrasting delicacy that keeps things honest and calming. The result is a kind of escapism that feels like both stillness and energy united – the perfect sort of track to lose yourself within as the world flies by through the window on a long commute.

Structurally refreshing for its original melody during the verses and in particular for that suddenly anthemic, choir-kissed middle-8, Red Cars feels authentically new in many ways, yet makes sure to also employ effective building blocks along the way. These include the eighties-style hints of synths and additional vocals, which help reinforce a notably timeless and nostalgic undertone.

Capital 4 have crafted this from the heart, by all accounts, as well as from a clear love for and skill within music. As such, Red Cars feels both familiar and fresh throughout its brief yet likeable lifespan. I look forward to hearing the longer collection.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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