- feeling like a city in a big rat - Stereo Stickman feeling like a city in a big rat


Hypnotic production unites dreamy layers of melody with industrial fragments of intensity as rebuilds the alternative dance genre.

Intriguingly-titled and with the artwork to match, feeling like a city in a big rat follows a select few creative rules to offer a quickly memorable progression, which still manages to hold your interest throughout its post six minute lifespan.

The key is in the changing energy of the piece, the rhythms that fall into play, those fragments of character and movement that inject a clear factory-style pulse into the centre of the arrangement.

Then it all falls away, the synths and breath-like waves of sound remain to embrace the listener in a moment of reflection. And all of this takes place as that title lingers in the mind, the big city overwhelming with its beauty and chaos all intertwined and unstoppable as the days and nights speed on.

During the mid-section we get high-octane strings raising the pace a little, the rhythm returns in full force, and elsewhere hints of siren-like detail and almost sci-fi-style intention pierce through with cinematic power.

Wholly immersive, engaging and interesting, as well as musically satisfying in the way that only the most finely-produced escapism tends to be. A pounding dance track on the one hand, a meditative downpour and blessing of audio on the other. Nicely done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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