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Campfire Bob Walk The Land


Celebrating history and unity, bringing together a classic folk-rock set-up with Cash-style vocals and a poetic journey through a tale of origins – Campfire Bob reaches out with a dedication to singer and songwriter Jerry Butler, for his work bringing communities together.

Walk The Land brightens up for its chorus resolve, repeating this concept to reinforce the ‘you and I both’ – ‘I walk the land… with you.’ Elsewhere we hear talk of ancestors, hunters, the struggle and the division of the past.

The song acts as a timeless reminder of the pain of separation and hatred, and the strength that comes from working in unison and realising our oneness in a shared space.

Beautifully written and crafted, familiar in set-up and melody but comforting and memorable in being so. Campfire Bob introduces his writing style and sound with an air of conceptual depth and intention. There’s purpose and value in the music, as there is purpose and unquestionable value in all life.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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