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Cam I Done Came Down


With almost fifty seconds of pure musical introduction, I Done Came Down proves to be a creatively free-flowing, partly organic and partly industrial whirlwind of rhythmic chaos; the sort that toys with your head-space. These are good things, there’s a repetitive simplicity to the track, Cam lays out several specific layers that help build something striking. Experimental fragments of audio surround notable levels of space and hints of ideas; vaguely presenting a moment of energetic escapism, before the details of the verses come crashing into view.

What works well about this track is that the beat has a familiarity to it, a comfort that occurs once you’ve heard even just that near-minute intro. The set-up makes sure to implant the soundscape in your mind, and it’s not by means of a catchy melody or an overly intrusive riff – instead, it’s by means of this mildly haunting, disjointed yet engaging and fairly addictive instrumental presentation. You’ll recognise the music next time around, without a doubt – even if a fair amount of time passes before it crosses your path again.

Aside from the instrumental strengths, Cam’s voice breaks up the intensity with a calmly confident display of short lines – contemporary references intertwine with motivational enthusiasm, and a vocal tone that ultimately leads with subtle personality and swagger. All of this climbs high as a unit, and though this is far from his first single, it’s undoubtedly a huge step in an impressive direction. Chances are – there’s a whole lot more to look forward to.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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