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Cailo Time And Again


Producer Cailo succeeds in crafting her own sound entirely with this latest release. Time And Again is beautiful, an EDM-pop fusion track on paper but something much more eclectic and emotional in essence.

The beat on this release has plenty of character in itself – a mildly dance-hall-inspired aura, complete with an offbeat rhythm and a descending synth-line that lays out a summertime vibe; all of which is satisfying yet fresh in the very same instance. In addition though, the song that runs throughout offers something deeply human and thoughtfully poetic to connect with on a whole other level. Though the voice is manipulated to an extent – or rather, toyed with professionally – the result is subtle, and so the original soul of the concept and the delivery is maintained as the track pours through.

The overall groove of this single has a fairly optimistic bounce about it, but in rather stark contrast – the lyrics deal with difficulty, tragedy, life and the soul, longing and desire. This contrast is entrancing, you get lost in the movement and the dreamlike warmth of the music, and meanwhile – this softly passionate vocal cries out for understanding and togetherness. You escape into the moment, as you should with well-built EDM or trip-hop, but on top of that is a world of meaning and some impressive levels of personality.

Cailo offers a new take on electronic pop music that hints at inspiration from a wide range of different directions – essentially resulting in something notably original right now.

Time and Again sounds beautiful and manages to be the dance track you can lose yourself within as well as the pop classic that understands your pain. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Cailo in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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