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Caglar Hepterlikci Parallel Journey


Inspired by Nasa’s recent and infamous release of a picture of a black hole, artist and producer Caglar Hepterlikci has crafted an electronic audio journey through thought and energy relating to the very question of a potential parallel dimension.

Utilizing superb moments of melody among a synth-soaked, entrancing soundscape, featuring fragments of the very speech that announced the image on a live stream, Parallel Journey takes the listener through a complex yet beautifully uplifting, hypnotic world of possibility.

To connect art with science in this way, or rather, to use art to bridge the gaps between the natural universe and the uniquely emotional individual, is a profound and wonderful fete to embark upon. In this case, Hepterlikci’s professionalism, his skill as a producer and musician, have fused beautifully with this passionate level of admiration for scientific progress, and with that comes a string of creative and artistic moments that are blissfully enjoyable to witness.

There are specific stages to the track, to its story, but for the most part you’re involved in this groove and this brightness; this overwhelming energy and optimism. In the meantime, fragments of voices, tribal melodies, flickers of togetherness and shared movement – shared progression – appear scattered beautifully around the entire soundscape. An eighties-style beat keeps a certain thickness and rhythmic intention at the forefront, meanwhile the various layers that rain down around you offer a perfectly addictive ambiance that’s likely to bring listeners back again and again.

Parallel Journey is stunning, a track that needs no introduction but is made all the more effective on knowing the immense breakthrough that led to it. Fortunately, the details within and the accompanying video help guide you. A gorgeously impressive example of original, refreshing and contemporary music production. Familiar yet new, calming yet exciting – a pleasure to stumble upon, and a fitting reminder of a huge day in our generation’s scientific history.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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