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Caellus Yesenia (Epic Trance Mix)


The ever impressive World Of Caellus never fails to surprise. The new release, Yesenia (Epic Trance Mix), offers an extended, piano-led introduction to calmly ease you into yet another overwhelmingly effective soundscape. As the track unfolds, in its own, carefully considered time, the rhythm and the energy storm forwards and the whole thing begins to take over.

The ‘epic trance mix’ section of this title is a pretty fitting addition. The word epic is, if anything, somehow, something of an understatement. As always, the music encapsulates everything about its concept and its current moment. The creativity flourishes, the distant sound whistle sound maintains that natural, ambient feeling of peace and freedom. The structure too caters to this thoughtful artistry. At four minutes in the whole thing breaks down to something once again new and unexpected. The track has the theatrical and all-encompassing energy and timeline of an immense piece of drama.

The Yesenia mix in this case is an intense and, frankly, unforgettable eleven minutes of audio experience. The instrumentation successfully and powerfully fuses the dream world with the electronic and the emotional and the stylish. There are scenes to the music, and this makes it all the more captivating as each and every moment passes by. You could separate these sections if you so desired, you could dance the night away to the stunning trance vibes presented in the two halves of the recording, but to take it all on as a complete project is to fully immerse yourself in these developing and vibrant feelings of freedom and nostalgia and positivity.

There is yet to be a release from World Of Caellus that in any way falls below par, and if this latest offering is anything of an indicator, there most probably never will be. Yesenia is stunning. Breathtaking even. A work of art worth experiencing a dozen times over. The feelings of bliss that come with the music are incomparable.

The track will be available on April 10th. Listen on Spotify. Find and follow World Of Caellus on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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