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Caellus & Camulus Caellus (Original Mix)


Legendary creator and producer Caellus & Camulus returns this month with yet another beautifully atmospheric banger. This track hits full speed fast; you’re fairly instantly thrown into the spiraling chaos of the soundscape, and it only gets more intense from here on in.

The rhythm of the music is superb, that classic, vintage, hyped up trance vibe, so often neglected in modern music, is alive and well, and it’s heart is racing. The music surrounding the beat, those signature synths and the overall design of the track, is everything we know and love about the music put out by the mysterious Caellus & Camulus. The structure is superbly unusual in this case, the music strikes hard and fast from the start, then after about three minutes the world falls away, and there remains only this gentle, reflective ocean of synth-pop ambiance within which to catch your breath. Following this, something like the retro, hardcore house tracks of the nineties storms into the spotlight, soaking you in these heavily reverbed, high end riffs, completely and securely locking you and your mind in the here and now.

There’s never any question as to the level of creativity that shines through in the music of Caellus & Camulus. The production is immaculate, as is always the case, so the only thing to really be considered is the effectiveness of the scene and the sound, at which point you realise there is really nothing here to consider or question at all. The music fills every void as you listen. Effective is an understatement, and once again you realise why it is that you return to the World Of Caellus sound, again and again.

An incredibly intense piece of music, flawlessly designed, with a final polish and shine that leaves nothing else whatsoever to be desired. Over seven minutes of musical, roller-coaster-like intensity, with well placed moments of peace, and a lasting feeling of bliss after you’ve listened. Listen loud.

Find the artist over on Soundcloud and get beautifully lost in the immense collection of music. Keep up to date on Instagram, and find out more over on the World Of Caellus Website. You can also check out more music via our in depth album review from back in June.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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