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Gorgeous guitar work begins this EP from C. Wired, a trait that reappears throughout the project. Anna Kissed The Sky evolves to be a warming pop-rock ballad with a subtle country twang. The leading voice is unexpectedly characterful, the depth and performance aspect of the delivery add a carefree aura to the story-telling, and as this moves along – the soundscape responds effectively, adding various details that light up the ambiance in keeping with the song’s progression; to the point that the final moments are superbly impressive and far more rock than pop.

Gettin’ Sober’s a Bitch is a song that all too many may relate to. The track drives with a guitar riff lightly reminiscent of Sweet Home Alabama, and throughout the writing Wired expresses his personal relationship with alcohol in an open, partly laid back, partly deep in truth manner. There’s a level of ego to the song, a certain lyrical confidence or swagger that you don’t often find in modern folk-rock or Americana.

Angels Dancin’ on the Head of a Pin is a song with a great groove to it. The music satisfies from the offset, and then you get these listing, harmonized verse lines that captivate – holding tight to your attention throughout. The song inspires calmness, not sweating the small stuff, and the hook – and indeed the title – make for a piece that’s easily recognizable after a single listen.

Jessah follows and the musicality is beautiful from the offset. The guitars evolve from the acoustic to the electronic, the beat has an uplifting quickness, and as always, Wired presents his open, accessible songwriting, with that fit-for-story-telling, mildly theatrical leading voice on top of everything else. The build-up here works really well and the song’s hook is a beauty – bright and powerful, energizing and hopeful.

Benevolent Angels sees the artist visit something of a Leonard Cohen-in-prayer type of vibe. The spoken word vocal is beautiful, the depth of tone and the calming delivery contrast in a compelling fashion with the colorful, organic reach of the music. This composition evolves in a stunning way, the music raining down on you as its energy fills the room. A mighty way to finish and a definite personal highlight – very easy to revisit more than a couple of times throughout your week. It gets better and better as it moves along and indeed with each new instance in which you experience it.

Omega is an interesting collection for its gathering of ideas and its musical prowess combined. In many ways the songs are unpredictable, but in many others they feel familiar and comforting. The playlist is fairly short, but a lot takes place between the lines, and always the music is a pleasure to have play for you.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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