C. Ik - STIGMAS - Stereo Stickman



Brand new music from Spanish producer and rapper C. Ik brings a bass-thick ambiance and retro rhythm, with cleanly mixed bars up front and centre – intertwined with a simple, reverb-kissed piano part. The result is a kind of euphoric, nineties vibe that’s both dreamy and intense.

Unique in its fusion of genres, hypnotic in style and indeed the subtle passion and faultless rhythm of the vocal outpouring, STIGMAS overcomes language barriers and sees the artist and rapper delve into the topic with openness and confidence united.

Somewhat electro-artistic in design yet gritty and impressive on the hip hop side of things, STIGMAS lures you in for the emotional vibe, and keeps you present with intrigue as to the lyrical depths and the sheer, relentless weight of the bars that continue to rain down.

An artist with a fairly minimal, simple approach, yet one that keeps the focus on the right building blocks – the topic, the performance the rhythm and the overall mood.

Single out December 19th. Check out C. Ik on Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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