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Byron’s Brigades Goodnight Moon (Shivaree Cover)


Strong riffs kick off the new cover and video from Byron’s Brigades, before a quickly seductive melody and storyline proceeds to weave an enchanting and nostalgic web around audiences.

Quite possibly their best choice for a release yet, Goodnight Moon blends musical warmth with haunting undertones of imagery and lyric, as the poetic and increasingly passionate song slowly but surely envelopes listeners.

The accompanying video furthers the artistic reach of this one-man-band project, offering a self-edited set of visuals that aptly reinforces the sentiments and vibe of the audio journey.

Feeling aptly like a timeless rock classic but with an incomparable melodic evolution and respectably faultless, interesting vocals, this version manages to emerge as both fascinating and comforting – that use of familiar building blocks enhanced by the creativity and devotion of the whole.

Stylishly enthralling yet lyrically mysterious, it takes perhaps a second and third run through to get to know the story and intentions of Goodnight Moon should you be unfamiliar with the original. Fortunately the Byron’s Brigades soundtrack is quite sublime to escape into at volume, so returning is an easy choice.

The contrast between softer moments, as the verse pours through in long-form waves of melody and scene-setting, and the heavier peaks of near-falsetto as we resolve for the hook concept, works brilliantly in captivating the listener – and indeed prompting a near-unavoidable desire to join in with the rise and fall.

Download or stream Goodnight Moon here. Check out Byron’s Brigades on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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