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By Small Ruin Like Heaven


By Small Ruin are back to it again, once more leading with beautifully seductive vocals and equally intimate, inviting and heartfelt lyrics.

Like Heaven is a love song with a bright and colourful energy, and as ever – the band have crafted the ideal verse-chorus set-up to carry things through in a likeable way.

I know I don’t compare
Not in a million years
You are a queen and I’m a pawn
But I want you for my own

It feels like heaven when you’re here
How ’bout sticking around?
And just like heaven, you’re better than I am
You won’t let me fall down

Initially detailing the process of questioning one’s own worth in a relationship that seems to good to be true, the song goes on to follow a pathway of sheer gratitude and love – a partner who provokes a sense of self-belief; a blissful positivity and joyfulness for the way things are.

It’s incredibly refreshing to listen to, particularly at this uncertain time in our lives, and the way the lyrics progress to reflect on the earlier days injects a welcomed touch of nostalgia that’s likely to embrace and calm the vast majority of listeners.

Was living on the edge
Now I hang with you instead
You helped me find that higher law
You broke the cycle and I’m forever grateful because

The heart you bring to everything
Your light can thaw frozen ground
You made me feel like a king
I woke up wearing a crown

Think back to when we met
And something that you said
You said I could do great things
I started to agree
You got me to believe

Reigniting the rock-ballad, driving love-song format and feel of a simpler era, By Small Ruin are masters of the craft when it comes to songwriting, and the organic warmth and brightness of their musicianship, the passion of their performances, tops it off each time in the perfect way.

Another beautifully inspiring, enjoyable pop-rock classic, with a timeless quality and an immediately recognisable style – a growing calling card for the Georgia-based act.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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