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By Small Ruin Feel Your Breath


Ever-emotive songwriters By Small Ruin get all the more intimate and contemplative with this classically warm, country-pop look at long-distance love.

Rising up beautifully from delicate, acoustic beginnings, Feel Your Breath makes its story clear using a select few short lines, with a rise-and-fall melody that’s easily memorable.

Soon enough, the vocal switches up a few gears, showcasing the final meeting – the peak of passion and this underlying energy and concept, which is to fully embrace these rare moments of togetherness. This is what the song seeks to inspire and remind us of when all is said and done – we need to take time to be in the world, to feel these moments with those we love; slow dancing, face to face, ‘our hearts are racing fast and I can feel your breath’.

It’s a simple song, by all accounts, but this is all it needs to be. Beautifully performed, with genuine heart, seeming personal to the singer but also lyrically vague and inclusive enough to be made your own as you listen.

An uplifting take on contemporary love and a crucial call-out to prompt real physical and emotional connections in this distanced age of the internet and uncertainty.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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