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Buzzane & POME 2AM


Breathtaking design and performance unite to stunning results, as this new releases undeniably showcases the strength of creative collaboration.

Bringing together the talents of singer-songwriter Buzzane and producer POME, 2AM grips listeners from the start, thanks to both an emotive and humble arrangement, and sensational, soulful vocals.

It’s an easy song to love from the outset, but as the post-four-minute epic progresses, the whole thing gathers increasing passion and momentum, for an ultimately enchanting and powerful listen.

On the surface this is something of a timeless fusion of RnB, Gospel and alternative pop – the various layers, the structure and delivery all bring subtly unique flavours to an otherwise familiar and thus comforting realm. Underneath this, we get a story of personal torment, heartbreak, and unrelenting dismay after a series of broken relationships and the weight of ongoing sorrow.

Lyrically Buzzane keeps things both poetic and personal throughout this long-form expression of grief, and in terms of the vocal stream itself – the rising weight and contrasting delicacy works beautifully in representing these issues with authenticity and heart. ‘The road is too long’ resounds as the lightness of the beat and that minimal yet haunting piano consistently reinforce the sentiment.

Brilliantly captured, arranged with an air of originality that’s refreshing and manages to keep you enthralled right the way through. 2AM is easily one of the most engaging, emotive and memorable singles to emerge this season. Well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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