BusyBeagle - Sailing Away - Stereo Stickman

BusyBeagle Sailing Away


Immediately inviting with its stylish pairing of acoustic guitar picking and the relentless rhythm of summer dance, BusyBeagle set the mood with ease as an aptly-titled Sailing Away emerges.

Soon blending in a quirky pop vocal, distant and delicate, effect-kissed for a retro vibe, the single dreams of escaping, utilises imagery and detail to create a limitless arena of possibility; one that dares to think beyond what’s simple or possible.

Ultimately celebrating intimacy and oneness, Sailing Away offers a stationary soundscape for the most part – a trip hop backup to the song, keeping the ambiance constant.

The vocal makes its own rules and occasionally veers off away from the natural scales of the song, but with this you get more of an identity and authenticity, which happens to be clearly linked to the heart of the song and the presentation.

It’s an interesting style, and undoubtedly with more releases BusyBeagle will have captured a recognisable aura.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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