BULLETS AND KNIVES - Hegemony - Stereo Stickman



Fresh from the album The Art Of Dying, Bullets & Knives showcase superb musicianship and thoughtful, engaging songwriting with the powerful, immersive single Hegemony.

Utilising contrast to a mighty degree, the song explodes into the room with cascading guitars and raw, rowdy drum-work. This is soon followed by a complete fall-back from the fullness, as delicate, expressive and emotive vocals lead us through a poetic story-line; which both intrigues and connects for its personal sense of vulnerability.

The progressive and creative nature of this track helps it really hit with memorable impact. From full-on beginnings through consistently unpredictable and ever-evolving sections, the track incorporates elements of metal and melodic rock as much so as those of pop-rock and even the emo-rock legends of a simpler time.

The sound is huge, passionate and colourful, multi-layered and energising – as well as quietly contemplative when it needs to be. Try to think back to the first time you heard a new band that you instantly fell in love with. The time is returning again, and Bullets & Knives are at the forefront.

Meaningful songwriting, soaked in darkness but honest and musically impressive none-the-less. Fantastic. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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