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Bulletproof No More Lies


Classic hard rock blends passionate vocals and heavily distorted riffs, alongside unrelenting energy and a catchy, concise hook resolve – Bulletproof reignite the guitar-rock intensity of the eighties, with No More Lies.

Guided by fiercely distinct vocals akin to the likes of Axl Rose (only seemingly higher still somehow), Bulletproof deliver a sound of their own that’s grounded by their recognizable qualities but contrastingly elevated by the poetic imagery and themes of their writing.

No More Lies is a powerful anthem, evolving towards progressive rock tendencies during the latter half of its near-six-minute journey, and featuring a superb display of musicianship along the way. Bulletproof effectively assert themselves as both worthy songwriters and a pristine and powerful live band – one that will no doubt blow the roof off of plenty of indie venues in the coming months.

Released on Eönian Records, No More Lies emerges complete with a captivating display of carnival imagery, evolving from eerie and dark to horror-infused, and it pairs this well with the rising volume and presence of the soundtrack. The introduction is extensive, its own beast in many ways, but soon enough the live rock and roll of the band kicks into gear, and the bold late-night escapism of the sound and lyrics takes over.

Pre-order the new album No Compromise. Find Bulletproof on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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