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Bud Summers Hard Lessons


Bud Summers combines detailed story-telling with a simple and spacious blues backdrop and some quickly familiar melodies on this new project Hard Lessons. 

Bad Fish is an early stand-out and introduces Summers’ organic approach to the genre and to songwriting in a likable way. The track is simple and effective, comforting in its nostalgic qualities, intriguing in the scenes it lays out level by level, and enjoyable on the whole for its musical purity and realness. In addition, the song’s hook leaves its mark very quickly – be careful what you take, cause there’s some bad fish in that lake. This moment, followed by a few seductive flickers of electric guitar, makes for the cherry on top of the experience.

Endless Fantasy sees the collection move in something of a more jazz-pop direction. The piano is prominent, as is the riding bass-line, and the melody seems a little more theatrical than blues-like here. The vocal harmonies add further flavor to this variation in style, and all in all the song feels reminiscent of the vintage pop hits that still reappear on Now collections and karaoke playlists today. The concept, on the other hand, is one that works well to relate and connect with its audience.

So Deep sees Bud Summers’ work step in another lightly new direction, though by this point you’re familiar with this style of story-telling – and indeed with the singer’s leading voice. There’s an accessible, house-band sort of vibe that ties all of these song’s together.

So Deep is a notably smooth track with a slightly more alternative, complex melody-line. The mood is intimate, directly addressing a significant other – as well as relaying more of those past experiences. The heartfelt nature of this song brings in a welcomed touch of that which is decidedly personal and revealing – something that again lets the audience feel a lasting connection with the artist and the band. Some more of that superb guitar work helps bring this one to a delightfully warming finish. The full Hard Lessons project has been crafted with care and a clear love for music – easily worth looking out for.

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