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Arguably his most stunningly euphoric project to date, London producer Bucko. releases the ten-track project 24, and starts it up with a blissfully melodic and intense, aptly-titled Awakening.

Featuring melodic synths of comfortingly nostalgic tones, dreamy interludes and a thoughtful introduction before the relentless pounding of the rhythm and rise, Awakening sets the mood with ease, for a journey through 24 that proves both energising and addictively inspiring.

Without You follows and the pace remains whilst a softer, more drawn out melodic instrumental and smooth, breathy vocal prompt the mind to wander. The track feels authentically original in set-up and movement, whilst holding close to those essential and relatable dance building blocks that lightly grip the listener.

Switching gears a little, as is the unpredictable way of Bucko., No Phones adopts a more topical route through creative threads of audio and intention; a mellow yet mildly tropical vibe, easily recognisable for its sampling and fragments while the energy builds and envelops. The main melody is one of the most recognisable of the whole album.

Tropical tones continue with Time For Myself, promising a rightful sense of gratitude and presence within the moment, along with an organic and wholesome thread of piano to remind us of the musicianship and realness underneath.

Raining Camp Outs is a personal favourite, the delicacy and design beautifully juxtapose the hypnotic pulse of the beat, and the title implications and imagery blend intensely with the euphoric aspects as imagination takes over. Incidentally, the atmospheric rain sound and longer-form guitar work of Overthinking sounds incredibly enchanting afterwards; another simple yet effective highlight.

For Old Friend vocals from Wizzy the Kid and mainstream pop-dance aspects return to raise the energy; still with that emotional and purposeful core. Then there’s the fierceness and fire of Redemption, versatility working its magic at full throttle – a compelling rush of elation and energy at play.

Night Moves welcomes a seductive touch of sax and some uniquely built fragments of synth and sound that again feel genuinely new, before our title-track 24 presents the natural world but with a twist of story as we rise into the final sentiments of the project. The drop into instrumental bliss is sensational, every layer adding to the warmth and power of the completed peak. A wonderful way to wrap things up.

Bucko’s ability to meander through the various feelings and ideas of any given project is second to none. Professionalism is unquestionable, a faultless part of the process, but creativity and intention allow for detail and originality to ring loud and entice audiences in a whole new way.

24 is an eclectic collection of unexpected yet satisfying hits, and captures a plethora of experiences that can naturally be made the listener’s own as they repeatedly delve in. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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