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Bryn Scott Grimes Fly Off in a Tone


The immediate rhythm and bounce of this single is infectious and uplifting in the best possible way. The opening instrumentation presents a folk rock and roots level of organic energy, accompanied soon after by a delicately joyful story-line and melody. The verse works its way confidently towards a unique and interesting hook and key concept, though just as you begin to connect with the pace and detail of the soundscape, things change quite drastically. Bryn Scott Grimes offers plenty in the way of creativity and musicianship, but next to nothing in the way of predictability, and that makes this single really stand out.

Fly Off in a Tone is a powerfully additive piece of music and performance. The development of this beyond five minute work pours out in a theatrical and striking way, moving from one moment or scene to the next in a brilliantly unexpected yet immensely satisfying manner. As an artist, Bryn Scott Grimes presents a style of songwriting that meanders in its own, seemingly carefree yet clearly well crafted and considerate way. The switch to the full throttle hook section brings an intense wave of distortion and a heavy chorus of voices – all of which stands in stark contrast with the peaceful softness of the surrounding, folk-driven parts.

Musically, the set-up of this song is superb, incredibly complex and colourful, forever interesting. The more times you listen – the more it all makes perfect sense; the more you eagerly anticipate each segment or stage of the evolution. Lyrically there’s also a lot to appreciate. At no point are you likely to hear something particularly familiar – there’s a sense of freedom here, which matches that of the musicality superbly. On top of everything, the artist’s leading voice caters to the changing soundscape flawlessly, moving with ease from the gentleness of the poetic verses to the hard-hitting thickness of the hook. This is a fantastic song, hugely unique and loaded with personality. Well worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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