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Bryanpreneur Corona Conspiracy (Feat. Reala G)


Directly addressing precisely the controversial concept implied by its title, rapper and artist Bryanpreneur leads with a simple and fairly retro beat, and a quickly recognisable vocal tone and style, to guide us through the details and layers of this new hip hop track in an intriguing way.

Released under BeastStreak Music Group, Corona Conspiracy delves into ideas relating to the Covid pandemic being an attempt to crash the global economy – among other issues. It’s a four-minute audio journey worth taking with a pinch of salt, but it presents only the musings of many who’ve already delivered these thoughts in multiple locations across the web.

Freedom of speech means there’s a whole lot more to consider, and both Bryanpreneur and featured artist Reala G inject their own views and their own style into the process. The dynamic between the two works well actually, the former driving with clear passion and volume, the latter taking a more mellow approach and contrasting the opening verse well.

An upfront hip hop track with topical bars and a rhythmically catchy hook. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes Bryanpreneur.

Single out March 15th. Check out Bryanpreneur on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram. Follow Reala G on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter & Instagram.

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