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Bryan Blackriver Deep, Blue Ocean


Fresh from the brand new deep-dive album that is What I Remember 004, Deep, Blue Ocean marks a bold introduction to the uninhibited creative reach of producer and composer Bryan Blackriver.

Coming in at fairly close to the ten-minute mark, Deep, Blue Ocean presents listeners with an incomparable audio journey – an experience that stands tall within its own artistic right.

Beginning with a simple wash of synths and wholly immersive, gentle layers, the track effectively interprets the sensation of the deep, blue ocean, whilst also introducing a level of sound-design and intricate production that is second to none.

Follow this up with a subtle yet captivating progression through various different stages, and the whole thing rains down with an unpredictable yet ultimately satisfying, energising level of originality – plus multiple layers of uplifting colour and optimism.

The wave-like up and down continues as the beat comes in, and nothing is quite paired as expected, but it still works beautifully. This can easily be the background to your working moments, or the go-to meditative escapism required to lighten the weight of the world every once in a while (a quality that rings true throughout much of this album).

It’s no easy feat to balance impeccable professionalism, skill, and freedom of artistry, in a way that feels genuinely new yet also comforting in its ability to connect. Often artists take the individuality further than the musical satisfaction, or vice-versa. Bryan Blackriver showcases a strong capacity to walk that line in a compelling, rewarding manner.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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