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Brutu Music Mr. Dickerson (Feat. WWW & Lindoras)


Introducing another creative banger from Universal Flow Records, Brutu Music returns with the three-way collaborative funk-pop single Mr. Dickerson.

Featuring tribal rhythms and retro vocal overlays, Mr. Dickerson has character and familiar, catchy progressions alike, making it an easy ear-worm and a strong introduction to both WWW and Lindoras at the very same time.

Nostalgic bass and dance flavours light up the hook-heavy single initially, whilst the later verses inject a classic rap style for more of that genre-free expression and unity that resides at the heart of all things Brutu Music.

The third verses switches gears again, another rap feature but faster-paced and utilising a language variant for true versatility on all counts.

Weave in a fairly raw, yesteryear dance-style set of visuals, and Mr. Dickerson completes the process of re-imagining the sound and vibe of a simpler era. It’s familiar, as stated, but also considerably fresh in both leading identity and subject matter. Naturally one to lift the mood this side of the summer.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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