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Broshiyo She


Re-introducing the sound of Broshiyo with a self-produced and self-performed new single, She brings together an ambient, synth-soaked backdrop, with an up-close and expressive vocal lead, to offer a swirling dream-like aura of intimacy and appreciation.

There’s something mildly retro about the style and shape of the track. Multiple different layers meet and intertwine, resulting in a cinematic tip of the hat to the synth-wave sounds of a simpler time. On top of this though, the vocal adds a definite contemporary twang, almost feeling emo-rap inspired but keeping things just jazz and trip-hop enough to maintain a level of effective genre-blending.

Coming in at just past the two-minute mark, the song is over and done with before you really know what took place. This chaotic yet strangely calm soundscape and these quiet whispers of ideas and oneness – they’re brought together for what could potentially have lasted twice as long, with an additional section (a middle-8 perhaps) to break things up.

As it stands though, the natural, uninterrupted flow of the song is again something that keeps it firmly rooted amidst modern creativity. The whole thing loops out and around you in an instant, leaving its mark with ease.

Performed & produced by Broshiyo, mixed by Spacey. Download the single via iTunes. Find & follow Broshiyo on Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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