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Broshiyo Love and Space


Fresh from the album Twelve, North Carolina’s Broshiyo offers a blissfully dreamlike, synth-soaked and colourful Love and Space. The composition softly embraces from the start, and slowly but surely envelops you entirely; calming the mood, washing away the ache of modern life.

While there’s an immediate peacefulness to this release, there’s also a bold sense of personality and creative drive. Retro synths meet with simple melodies as an unexpectedly industrial beat lingers subtly in the background. Then come more layers of melody, longer-form now, delicate but somehow striking and managing to stand centre stage as they move things along.

Your mind begins to wander, the world passing by through the window of the train – the universe speeding past in a colourful blur as you float through space.

This unity between the words Love and Space is quite fascinating, and the song portrays that connection in a uniquely beautiful way. The experience of the natural world emerges like an ambient dream, celebrating love and provoking a feeling of it within the listener. Then there’s the cinematic, sci-fi-like side of things, which adds an other-worldly dash of unlimited possibility, and ultimately furthers that sense of love with gentle confidence.

At barely past the two-minute mark, this composition leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, the Interlude label warns you of its short lifespan, and the rest of the Twelve album absolutely has you covered.

With layers of tribal rhythm, flickers of the oriental and masses of colour and melody, the project takes hold of its audience in a comforting, softly awakening manner. The producer manages to make the electronic world feel decidedly organic – a rare and commendable trait. Ume is another defiant highlight.

Broshiyo is categorically in his own league as a producer, stylishly blending fresh melodies and details that would struggle to work if found elsewhere, but which, in such safe hands, manage to offer up a profound and powerful listening experience. The perfect playlist to escape into and refresh your head-space whenever things get rough.

Download the project via Bandcamp. Find & follow Broshiyo on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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