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Brooxciv Reminiscent Nites


Retro creativity appeals for its raw and intimate presentation, as Brooxciv starts up a deeply contemplative, smooth yet provocative EP.

Ambient and nostalgic, somewhat raw in the instrumental melody line – veering towards the offkey for that authentic tired vibe and artistic representation – Bad Trip/Distractions juxtaposes its own musical uncertainty with quietly confident, calm and captivating vocals.

It’s a rap style inspired by the greats, cleanly mixed and mellow in flow, purposeful and devoted to the cause and concept throughout. Lo-fi flavours and freestyle musings unite amidst equally exhausted vocals and production, for a quickly relatable, increasingly immersive listen that proceeds to bend the rules as the soundscape gathers momentum; sweeping the listener away into its own world, for a final quarter that connects on a whole other level.

Whether awakening or settling you into the night-time vibe, getting high or overcoming a troubled era, there’s a timeless presence to the track, and this leads perfectly well into the all the more dreamy, poetic and self-confronting Shadows Dance.

Suddenly haunting but relevant, continuing the story – our protagonist’s fall deeper and deeper into chaos and lostness. The mind runs away from the scene, the music reinforcing this shift towards the blurring between reality and fantasy; the walls collapsing, the tiredness and uncertainty becoming a way of life.

The production sees the vocal echo out, reverberate as the music grows more industrial and unsettling, the tone suddenly drawling as the lyrics get darker still; evolving from simple intoxication to death and all manner of fears and poetic intensity.

The final few bars secure Brooxciv’s role as lyrically superb in compelling listeners to tune in as closely as possible, and indeed to listen more than a few times over – to catch every bar and idea, to never miss a beat or a feeling or a moment.

Brilliant, refreshingly simple in style but creatively unique and complex in overall intention. The project makes sense as a two-piece, and introduces an artist with a powerful, interesting and fearlessly honest way with writing bars and designing soundscapes.

Download or stream Reminiscent Nites here. Check out Brooxciv on Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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