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Brooklyn Bri Glory Road


Brooklyn Bri impresses in an instant with this single. Glory Road pours through with an immediate sense of intention, calm and collected yet lyrically smart – accompanied by a conceptual video that furthers the inherent awareness of the writing.

From the offset, Brooklyn Bri’s bars, her rhymes and her ideas, feel genuinely fresh and intensely purposeful. The backdrop is somewhat simple, a partly classic hip hop vibe emerges with a haunting riff that rolls along throughout. The beat feels a little more contemporary – a tripped up lightness that suits the modern approach of the lyrics. It’s a fairly minimalist set-up because all that’s needed is a touch of rhythm and a vibe – Brooklyn Bri’s performance does the rest.

From the moment the clip and the first verse begin, you’re captivated by the grit and direction of these bars. The track talks openly of not falling victim to the industry – take control of your shit; don’t be a ‘stupid’ rapper introduces the release, and Bri’s lyrics thereafter follow a similar-minded pathway of individuality and self-awareness. The puppet-on-strings visual reinforces this sentiment perfectly well.

Everything is kept simple, a few shots for the video and a single outpouring of ideas and a motivational drive for success. Bri’s lyrics are compelling, at every step – there’s direction, there’s depth – these aren’t arbitrary bars; everything ties into the underlying concept, and that makes it hit hard in its own natural and impressive way. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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