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Brooke Benson I Am The Sun


Fusing all manner of influences in a beautifully raw, organic and decidedly captivating way, Brooke Benson has crafted a fully immersive experience with this latest release.

As an introduction to the artist, this project works quickly in drawing you over – creating an ambiance that invites and impresses, then guiding you along with inspiring poetry, crystal clear imagery, and a voice loaded with equal parts confidence and absolute character.

While instrumentally the project leans in a folk and world music inspired direction, the vocals tip their hat to hip hop and spoken word, and the hooks tend to throw in something a little more pop-like – anthemic and indicative of an artist who knows how to hold an audience’s attention and bring them together in a moment of memorable unity.

Simple rhymes meet with flickers of individuality, never so much so as to remove the listener from the process though. Benson keeps you involved, providing this back and forth dynamic between ‘me’ and ‘you’ throughout the opening track, and proceeding to create all the more striking and mesmerising journeys as the following songs emerge one by one.

Though it sounds like easy listening from the outside – calming folk vibes, plenty of optimism and beauty – there’s an element of depth to much of the writing, which adds a subtle layer of intensity. You come to appreciate this all the more so thanks to its contrast with the simplicity and the joy found elsewhere – and of course how pristine and masterfully crafted the entire soundscape is in every case.

A brilliantly unique artist and a really well captured album. Absolutely worth discovering.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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