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Bronzegates Green Carriage / Hanging Gardens


Alternative folk metal rockers Bronzegates bring together elements of classical and contemporary tones in a boldly expressive, captivating way across these two phenomenally creative new releases.

Introducing merely a taste of their upcoming seven-song album, devoted to the theme of power, Green Carriage pours through with cascading riffs, medieval melodies, and sudden distortion and weight as per the changing stages of its post-seven-minute lifespan.

Weave in a progressive rock melody and story-telling vocal, accessible yet haunting, and the music proves intriguing and striking throughout.

Featuring a strangely hypnotic visual accompaniment, which on first impressions wrongfully appears to be a still image, the track offers long-form developments of melody and idea. There’s also the raw crash of live drums and heavy, distorted bass; not to mention a recognisable leading riff – a clear sense of identity that lingers.

Hanging Gardens is the second single from the new project, and here we see a stark contrast – a whole other side to the Bronzegates creative corner.

The classical aspects pave the way, acoustic guitar and strings leading up front and centre, creating a melancholic, emotive mood from the outset; delicate and engaging, melodically blissful and once again masterfully contrasting each layer with those around it.

The voice is softer now, breathy and raspy, expressive, joined by a choir of others to reinforce the movement through moments.

The eclecticism presented between even just these two songs is vast and mighty – the upcoming album is undoubtedly one worth knowing about. A project from a band focused on the unique framing of ideas, scenes and stories, with faultless musicianship at the forefront, and a consistently fresh manner of designing the sound and feel of each track.

Download or stream Green Carriage / Hanging Gardens. Check out Bronzegates on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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