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Broken Witt Rebels Bringing Passion Back to Rock Music


Now for a little something awesome that we stumbled upon. Broken Witt Rebels – An impressive rock band, fantastic musicians, quality solos just when you need them. It’s hard to really isolate why their sound works so well, the music just has something about it; it’s big, without being noisy. It actually gets better and better the louder you play it.

At the forefront of all of this is the absolute strength of the leading vocal; this is the first thing to grab hold of you. The passion behind it – he’s singing almost until breaking point; the satisfying hit of a raspy vocal, the sort that only a singer who means what they’re expressing can truly achieve. It’s a pleasure to discover these guys and I wish them all the best in their musical endeavors.

Cloud My Day is a brilliant song, everything else of theirs online is equally as brilliant. Bottom of The Hill is a must see and hear.

Try not to worry too much if you’ve only just discovered them now, the important thing is that you have. A proper rock band, from the UK as it happens; Birmingham based. Head over to their Website to look out for live shows. This is Cloud My Day, released 23rd September, 2015. Check it out.

We’re now hoping to catch a live show sometime very soon, and we strongly suggest you join us. Head over to their Facebook and Twitter pages to show some love. Quality rock music. Real and raw, just how we like it. Broken Witt Rebels.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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