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BroGod Life Before Fame


Melodically engaging from the outset and pairing this with a poetic, contemporary yet clearly purposeful lyrical backbone, BroGod brings in classic strings and a clear degree of depth as he takes on the current hip hop scene with heart and skill.

Life Before Fame is the project, and Intro more than meets up to that need of introducing both the artist and the concept.

From a distance there’s a modern finish to the production and the fusion of melody and rap – you could mistakenly place this under the bracket of other acts, the rising sound of Lil Baby from recent years, but only briefly. Once you delve in more closely, you hear the BroGod voice – in tone, in lyric, and in emotion; not to mention to the original nature of much of the production.

That creative edge continues, as a guitar-led Yellow takes to ambient realms for an intimate yet more confident outpouring. Trap rhythms and personal angst emerge with a series of new vocal flows for a performance that impresses.

Chopstix leans back to the melodic embrace perhaps more boldly than ever – an infectious highlight, with dreamy production, powerful bass, and cleanly mixed, soulful vocals that quickly draw you in. Blending carefree, relatable references with personal anecdotes and family details, the track connects for its accessible and honest presentation; and on point sound-design that really helps elevate things.

Amazing Face keeps the qualities familiar and offers another ambient arrangement. Then we get a dash of UK vocal play, and a bright, upbeat banger of a track to finish. Maid highlights another side to BroGod, a flicker of versatility that ends things on a high and leaves a lingering interest in the live shows.

Pristinely crafted with artwork to match and a consistent thread of openness between tracks, Life Before Fame works well in its current state, and will likely prove a timeless go-to as the future seals its role within BroGod’s history.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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