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Briya Jordan On My Own


Showcasing both an affection for modern pop and a clearly musical background, Briya Jordan’s On My Own is a smooth and melancholic deep-thinker, with a soulful RnB vocal and a multi-layered, organic ambiance that’s easy to appreciate.

Despite the likable, jazz-kissed qualities of this otherwise hip hop-ready soundscape, Briya’s voice is undoubtedly what leads the way. Beginning with quiet, breathy verse lines, the structure soon kicks in with the follow-up section – and this back and forth is what really impresses.

The higher vocal moments hit with immense passion, the sort of vocal peak and subtle crackle that appears genuinely united with the lyrical sentiments. On My Own is an outcry, a display of vulnerability and consideration, ultimately strength, independence – it’s powerful in how honest it is, and how inspiring.

The progression from each two lines to the next and back again turns out to be quite addictive by nature, and meanwhile – the warmth of that bass-line and the simple, mellow swagger of the beat create an enjoyably hypnotic mood.

Really nicely done – a strong track with a definite sense of originality and character.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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