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Bring My Song To Life Waiting On You (Morgan Wallen Response)


Heartfelt country origins meet with subtle contemporary production and thoughtful, fearlessly honest lyrics, as Bring My Song To Life present the melancholic yet mighty Waiting On You.

Bring My Song To Life unites the dreamers of the world with the essential musicians required to craft a song that exemplifies their feelings in a memorable way. The ‘music as a gift’ company will be releasing response songs to chart-topping singles each month, and November sees the release of one in light of Morgan Wallen’s viral country breakup hit Wasted On You.

Crafted entirely by the in-house team, from lyrics to composition to production, Waiting On You presents a heartwarming acoustic to full-band progression, and softly expressive female vocals, for a familiar and poetic build-up through the personal struggle of yearning.

Melodically moving and rising beautifully, the arrangement presents an effective contrast between this cinematic musical embrace and the sheer heartbreak and even scorn of the lyrics. It’s a fine testament to strength of songwriting, and the increasing contemplation and honesty adds a welcomed dash of realism that’s refreshingly relatable.

Emerging complete with a series of equally emotive visuals, depicting that same level of longing and disappointment, the completed release makes for a fine introduction to both the passion and professionalism that Bring My Song To Life encapsulate with each original song they deliver.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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