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Brigz Crawford Hard To Find (Let Love)


From the album Let Love, Hard To Find is a melodic and outspoken hip hop track that draws you into Brigz Crawford’s sound with confidence and care.

There’s an energizing yet loving quality to the song – to the beat and to the intensity and power with which Crawford delivers his verses. At the same time, there are some brilliant moments of melody that really brighten up the outer edges and bring through a touch of RnB that helps give the sound character. All of this is surface level observation, but from that alone you get a great vibe from the track – it feels proud, intentional, self-aware yet loaded with truth and possibility. Crawford presents a certain vulnerability that’s incredibly appealing for a distant audience.

The more you hear of his music, the more you connect with the passion in his voice and the perspective showcased in his lyrics. The auto-tune effect makes certain you know the year, it fits the scene, but everything else has a definite air of personality.

The song’s hook is great, the melody and the delivery, the ambiance surrounding it – this moment of creative breakaway adds even more to an already entrancing track. Similar qualities can be found throughout the Let Love album – always Crawford makes a performance out of what he does; never merely reading or rhythmically mumbling a bunch of pointless lyrics. There’s plenty of fun to be had, but there’s also plenty of positivity and motivation. He writes to remind himself to act and in doing that he offers the audience a similar feeling – an infectious energy that pushes you to take steps towards your goals. All That and How You Like It are additional highlights that draw upon these elements.

Brigz Crawford has gone all in with the pace and power of this project and it speaks volumes as a result. Great tracks with strong melodies and impressive rap flows.

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