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Brightside if i lost u


Creative pop delicacies meet with infectious rhythms and a surprising few layers of organic sound-design – Brightside bring together classic song-writing and contemporary stylings for this infectious and emotional new single.

Rising up from gentle beginnings, through to the ultimate energy and power of a fast-paced hook, if i lost u is a dedicated love song at its core, but the creativity of the arrangement – and even the vocal play within – all helps elevate it to greater and more original realms.

Brilliantly high-octane at its peak, if i lost you presents a hook section that’s melodically and musically immersive, and quickly addictive. Weave in some effective contrasting between heavy moments and those that follow a simple, synth-led, almost hang-drum style softness, and the completed release builds up, drops in, and falls away beautifully.

Fantastic vocals, passionately connected to the writing, and a set-up and production style that’s relevant yet fresh enough to intrigue. if i lost you is an easy hit. Hopefully there’s plenty more music where this came from.

Download or stream if i lost you here. Check out Brightside on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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