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Brielle Von Hugel Naked


Brielle Von Hugel’s track Naked is a beautifully poignant and emotional piano ballad. The whole thing has been composed and crafted with an honesty and openness that represents the concept brilliantly.

The song has taken a musically minimalist approach, a laid back level of instrumentation, which is the perfect choice when you listen to the strength of the artist’s leading vocal and the raw and genuine nature of the lyrics. The simplistic musicality leaves plenty of space for the realness to step forwards and really wow listeners. You get to witness the depth and feeling of the song as it slowly builds and builds, and the effect is striking – there are few singers that can withstand this sort of stripped back musical ambiance, and furthermore stand so tall and strong amidst it. Brielle’s voice has an effortless beauty and power about it that carries the meaning of the song with flawless accuracy.

As somebody who aims to inspire young women to see their own strengths, to follow their dreams and be themselves entirely, the artist’s work is notably valuable. This particular song takes a concept that would perhaps draw listeners in for one reason, but then captivate their senses and their minds for another reason entirely. The word Naked in this case represents something bigger than the self, something more important than the physical idea; it’s the ability to be free of any masks or falsehoods, to live your life as exactly who you are. In a world where so often the opposite is the way we are influenced to reach, it’s refreshing to hear something honest, and from somebody with genuinely good intentions.

The video accompanying the song is relevant, minimal, stylish and sophisticated – the perfect companion for the music and the performance. Naked is an elegant release from a talented and passionate artist with valuable ideas. Well worth listening to.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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