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Bricen Mac God First / Beautiful Woman


Bricen Mac is a poet and artist with an artistic and deeply thoughtful approach to writing, and a calm and confident, collected approach to performance. The single and video for God First makes for the perfect starting point if you’re new to his work.

Accompanied by the simple delicacy of a piano-led beat, light and ambient throughout, Mac’s voice and his words pour through with a certain sense of drive and understanding. These ideas are inspiring, the concept is to work towards what you want, to get your life in order and to prioritize the people and things that matter most to you. This all runs alongside of the central theme of putting God first – trusting in that faith and guidance to help you stay calm and focused, to make the right decisions.

The overall sound of the track feels like mellow hip hop, though as is the gift of spoken word – the poetry captivates right the way through. For such a gentle performance to have this effect is a softly mighty thing – Bricen Mac introduces himself as a motivated and subsequently motivational artist with a defiant level of purpose to his work.

Another video worth experiencing is Beautiful Woman. Changing direction slightly and focusing on a significant other, highlighting an appreciation and gratitude for the woman he loves, the piece is delivered in a similarly gentle yet distinctly emotional and occasionally heart-breaking manner. Though things start off with positive references and optimistic imagery, the track later on leads with undeniable realness – relationships experience turmoil, much of the time, and Bricen Mac makes no attempt to hide that.

What’s inspiring and comforting about Bricen’s manner of handling this topic though, is his still hopeful view of relationships – lessons have been learned, and this is all part of the process. He states that rather than focusing on finding the right person, he’ll focus on being the right person – a stand out line from the entire track, and one that lingers with you in a hopefully empowering fashion. A dedicated and passionate artist with a uniquely gentle and calming sound and style.

Download the music via iTunes. Find & follow Bricen Mac on Facebook & Instagram. Visit the FromPain2Progress Website for more information.

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