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Bricen Mac Dear Father


The ever-poetic wordsmith Bricen Mac returns this summer with perhaps his most heartfelt and openly appreciative release yet. Directly addressing his father, presenting the song as a gift and a thank you, Dear Father brings back that familiar and quietly confident vocal tone, amidst a smooth and ballad-like, piano-led backdrop.

I heard a dash of Prince Ea in the delivery on this release, the verses offer so much personal detail but they also introduce plenty of more broadly accessible, vague references that allow the song to become relevant to any number of different listeners.

Bricen Mac is an artist who carefully dances along the line between rap and spoken word, between poetry and music; this is yet another song that speaks well on behalf of that. At the same time, this is also perhaps his most musically minded track to date. The soundscape is beautiful, certain intricacies in the distance help create a sense of warmth and rising anticipation – that subtle raining synth effect feels energizing and loaded with optimism.

Paying tribute to those who raised us, who paved the way before us, is something that should always be turned back to; particularly in music and art. Bricen’s verses here do so in an inspiring way, sharing with his listeners the wisdom first shared with him by his father – imparting that good advice, helping lay down a pathway to success and self-development. And even with all of this, somehow Bricen manages to offer a track that sounds smooth and cool; far from a simple thank you letter. The song connects for its good vibes, its satisfying flow, and the fine balance between effective hip hop and artistic intention. Another step higher for Bricen Mac and a beautiful hip hop track to add to the 2019 collection.

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Rebecca Cullen

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