Brian Tarquin - 57th Street - Stereo Stickman

Brian Tarquin 57th Street


Ambient jazz with a trip hop pulse from way back when, organic layers of guitar interwoven with dreamy synth for a smoothly hypnotic dose of escapism – 57th Street takes you there with ease.

Offering up a post-five-minute journey through delicacy to awakening, Brian Tarquin leads with seductive solo guitar work alongside a light summer rhythm and a simple, satisfying chord progression.

Increasing the passion and pace throughout, we’re taken from minimalist beginnings into an ultimately impressive realm in which Tarquin prompts heavy interest in a live show.

Pristine playing, stylish and emotive, caught in the moment but also professionally crafted so as to keep things audience-aware, the piece engages on a subtle level at first, but slowly comes to connect with a much more prominent creative voice.

A live jam session with a genuine air of daydreaming and blissful comfort to it. A timeless indie must for music fans across the board – sit back and enjoy.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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