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Brey Getaway Car


Freshly debuted on Cosmic Wire, Brey’s Getaway Car reaches out complete with a brand new remix and a readily addictive bassline to re-energise and simultaneously add meaning to your playlists.

Musically immersive and somewhat distracting initially for its weight and multi-layered production, Getaway Car conceptually tackles the broadly consuming issue that is mental illness in contemporary society.

Brey leads with uniquely interesting vocals, indie-authentic in tone and rasp, quietly expressive and strangely fitting considering the underlying topic.

The lyrics poetically detail the harrowing nature of mental struggle, and the hook resolves this with its imaginative sense of escapism; which, in turn, furthers that of the music for the listener.

Brilliantly unusual yet striking as a modern electro-pop alternative, with the added benefit of a lyrical thread of substance, Getaway Car feels all at once melancholic and hopeful; immersive and understanding. The remix from BJ Klock takes things to more ambient plains creatively, but still manages to keep your focus on that metaphorical undertone that so profoundly connects.

Written by Aubrey Greeley & Jerad Finck, produced by BLAZAR. Check out Brey on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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