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Brett Schieber Learn The Hard Way (Feat. Shawn O’Donnell & Bricey)


Classic pop songwriting and nostalgic boy-band vocals guide us into the multi-layered and undeniably catchy realm of Learn The Hard Way.

Bringing together the talents of Brett Scheiber, Shawn O’Donnell and Bricey, Learn The Hard Way is quick to tighten its grip on the listener.

The progression is likable, memorable, and backed by a strong groove and accessible, soulful pop vocals. The result is an unignorable earworm of a single, with a refreshingly organic arrangement underneath it – live guitars and a chorus of voices, for that immediate live-show appeal.

As the track goes on, the latter half brings in a rap verse from Bricey, for further dynamic – a well-placed moment that again shifts the style but also skilfully maintains the vibe and the overall mainstream energy of the completed piece. In a way, we’re in Butterfly territory now, but the sound-design, the hook and the timeless presence of the track in general, all breathes new life into the contemporary pop scene.

It’s infectious writing, crafted in a respectably genuine, guitar-funk and choir-kissed composition, with some essential self-reflection at its core. And for the pop fans whose taste spans back through the decades, there will no doubt appear a sentimental quality and embrace to Learn The Hard Way that hits with comforting impact.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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