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Brannon I Will Rise Up


Following on from the impressive purity and emotion of Everyday Heroes, Brannon returns to light up 2021 with a poignant and powerful look at the current state of our world.

Forever leading with socially conscious and considerate song-writing, Brannon inject a fine balance between poignancy and optimism to deliver a decidedly relevant and moving I Will Rise Up.

The verses poetically detail the struggles of our time, and indeed of many times before us, sadly – giving the track a rather ‘timeless’ quality. The hook appropriately resolves and re-energises – reminding us that overcoming is always possible.

Backed by the simple strum of an acoustic guitar, stunning vocals and an intimate production style allow the natural strength of the song to stand tall in true Brannon fashion.

Barely spanning past the 2.5 minute mark, I Will Rise Up makes itself known by means of a simple outpouring of ideas and self-responsibility – ‘Our world is on fire, and we all have a lighter…’

Beautifully crafted, gorgeously and passionately performed, offering precisely the sense of possibility and self-belief this new year needs.

Single out January 22nd. Brannon’s Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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