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Brandonrxse The Kid


Creatively trippy production elevates the unique take on trap that is the sound of Atlanta’s Brandonrxse, throughout the brief yet hypnotic EP The Kid.

Featuring dreamy layers and trap rhythms united with subtle vocal nuances and details, 228 starts up the project and showcases an immediately calming vibe – contrasted by the clear confidence and flow of the ongoing bars.

Feeling something like a focused freestyle, the voice maintains a smooth yet relentless outpouring of scenes and references, laid-back by nature and loaded with wordplay, spanning just two minutes thirty-eight but balancing that ethereal trip-hop ambiance with contemporary rap tones for an ultimately recognisable style.

6am follows and again we get a freshly creative soundscape, cinematic in setting the mood, utilising unorthodox fragments and effects for a welcomed change in direction.

Already the voice is unmistakable, but in this setting we get a lower-toned, more quiet and intimate delivery, which naturally suits the switch in topic and storytelling. Here we’re also presented with a more revealing, even vulnerable, lyrical backbone. The artist connects for his honesty, and aims high with the juxtaposition between this and the more stylish degree of swagger and performance of the opening track.

Elsewhere Brandonrxse continues to highlight an impressive level of versatility. Think Of Me features Brandon in the second verse, and leads with electric guitar layers and emo-rap and rock tendencies for an entirely different kind of vibe with a strong presence of melody.

Then with the single No Feelings, Brandonrxse’ vocals support another guitar-led and emotive arrangement, quietly connecting for the lyrical and performative tiredness or display of feeling aptly numb throughout the piece. The delivery is different again, increasingly passionate and deeply moving in being so. Another strong melody and great production raises the bar, as does that sense of longing and romantic intention as the whole thing pours through.

Unconfined by genre but also well-rooted amidst the free-flowing energy of rap and emotional songwriting, Brandonrxse keeps things purposeful and fresh across a plethora of original tracks. The new EP underlines these qualities extensively, and the production is particularly interesting and enjoyable to lose yourself within. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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